Hisses and Colds








Lots of sick days around here lately, which means lots of soup and couch sitting and patience. Lots and lots of patience.

Why patience you ask? Because the Janester has discovered cat sounds. If my actions please her greatly, she meows. If my actions render her incensed and furious, there is much hissing.

And folks, until you’ve been meowed and hissed at by a moody, sick, congested three year old, while you yourself are moody, sick and congested, you’ve never truly utilized patience.

I’ve also discovered that I’m about as skilled at patience as a diva who has to pick all the green m&m’s out of the bag all by her lonesome.

But in the middle of this craziness, I’ve had much needed snuggle time with my little hissing baby. We’ve colored and watched tv and generally slowed down our lives. That aspect has been really, really nice.

We made a trip up to the Ozarks to visit my parents, and played with their puppies (who coincidentally don’t like being hissed at either). We’ve picked up changing leaves and talked about their colors. All in all, it’s been a bumpy October, but a good one nonetheless. A really good one.

6 thoughts on “Hisses and Colds

  1. There was a book that I read as a child called The Littlest Witch and that pick of her in the Halloween shirt and black skirt reminded me of it for some reason. I bet my mom still has that book somewhere.


  2. 1)Jane’s ability to color within the lines seems pretty awesome for a three-year-old. (Not that I think one should always color within the lines–just complimenting her fine-motor skills.) 2)Why did I never before notice what beautiful lips you have? 3)What, no puppy photos? 4)Peace and *virtual* hugs to you both.


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