Wintering On


There are several small things I’ve done this winter that have proven to be super successful. Did I win the lottery? No. Did I wash my hair more than once this week? I plead the fifth.

But hanging patio lights above the kitchen sink, ceding control of after-school snack time into Jane’s hands, and watching the Netflix show Fake or Fortune have all proven to be winning decisions.

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Do You Really Need That Cupcake? Thoughts On Winter Fatness and Peach Marshmallow Arms.


The other morning I woke up to a tousle of blonde hair in my face. Jane jumped on top of me and gave me an aggressive hug. I choked a little and removed a hair from my mouth, but I always welcome hugs, no matter how many side injuries may occur. Let’s face it. I’m the mother of a daughter. Those goodwill hugs will someday be replaced with eye rolls, so I soak it all in.

I hugged her and said good morning.

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10 Things a Woman Over 30 Must Own. JUST KIDDING I HATE THOSE POSTS. I Have an Etsy Shop.


Ya’ll. Summer happened. 90% good, 10% chaos. There was traveling, swimming, article writing, house-painting. AND after spending a bulk of the summer in thrift stores and antique malls, I finally opened an Etsy shop. 

In my dream world I have a little antique store filled with funky old paintings, quilts, pottery, furniture that belongs on the set of Harry Potter, a candle burning on the front counter, and a black shop cat named Persis. Also, said imaginary store has exact purple doors like the ones in this photo.

BUT. Ya’ll. Retail rent is not for the faint of heart. A virtual brick and mortar store will do just fine. I dubbed it “The House of Mabel” as a little way to honor an old and loved chapter in my life.

I have more stock and will be adding soon. Please visit!

And also, happy fall. I painted my fireplace. I bought some wallpaper. I’ll be back.

February Refresh: Blog Updating


I am currently listening to the sound of sleet pinging against the window and looking at pictures of roses past. Normally I would be considering whether to take my daily walk, but right now I’m considering whether or not I can make a batch of cookies at 9:30 in the morning without having “a problem.” I’m weighing that rationale with telling myself, “But you could order one of those tiny trampolines and run in place INSIDE, which would totes burn off all the cookie calories.”

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