Writing and Projects


All my writing in one spot. This  basically made all my OCD dreams come true.



photo (15)

Then there was that one time Better Homes and Gardens let me do projects for Halloween with three awesome bloggers and it made my life. But I also ended up with a load of fake butterflies super glued to places one should never have them super glued to.


Apartment Therapy featured my old house in their House Call section and luckily no one knew there were giant piles of laundry just off camera.


Design Sponge featured my old guest room before and after. This was back before I had a child and still painted my toe nails and cared whether beds were made. My guest room now? It’s called a couch. Welcome guests!


And then there was this guy’s makeover on Apartment Therapy and people were all, “LIZ! What were you thinking!” And I was all, “WHAT? It looks awesome.” And then later I thought, “Eh, maybe not in the kitchen.” So now it rocks out in Jane’s room. Way more fitting. I also haven’t painted furniture in, like, two years. Because…tired.

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