I Could Hug a Dolphin. But Not This Past Weekend.


This weekend I was alone. It rained, and got cold, and rained some more. I made chili. I left all the lamps on, all the time. I watched an obsessive amount of the Gilmore Girls. I pulled all the winter clothes out of the bins under the bed, sniffed their mustiness and embarked on an all day wash all the clothes marathon. I tried my best not to look into Jane’s empty room. I did not change out of pajamas. A friend moved into my complex and brought me a pint of Cherry Garcia, which was without a doubt the highlight of my weekend. Plus, it was nice to know that if I’d fallen and couldn’t get up, someone would have checked on me. Yes, I realize that is incredibly depressing and morose. I blame all this ebola news. If one more person says “but it’s not airborne” I’m gonna yell, “neither is the flu!” But, I digress…

Obviously, I had myself a little pity party weekend. There may have been wine.

But in the end I was well rested. And now I’m no longer wearing pajamas. I joined the land of the living. And I get my baby back soon. She’ll like the new flowers on the table, and the pumpkin, and the new snacks in the kitchen cabinet. The kid is super into snacks. Legs like hollow tree trunks that one. I’m happy and looking forward to the day. In the words of Paris Geller, I could hug a dolphin.

Told you I watched an obsessive amount of Gilmore Girls.

7 thoughts on “I Could Hug a Dolphin. But Not This Past Weekend.

  1. As a parent myself, I can imagine how you felt this weekend. Enjoy those little arms wrapped around your neck as you get that first hug when you see her again. And isn’t Gilmore Girls the best comfort show? I love it!


  2. Use the week-ends alone to take a class in sewing or painting, pottery… a book club, writers club… you’ll figure it out in time… xox


  3. Joint parenting is hard. My BIL has to do it 😦 I’m sorry you’re in that position. I miss you on Instagram. (I mean, I totally understand why you went the way you did…I just miss seeing pictures of Jane.)


  4. I’m a pity-party pro for serious. I mean, I think I invented them.

    Glad you have a friend close by too. Hoping that will take the sting out of the Jane-less moments.

    Hugs, friend. ❤


  5. Liz you are always in my prayers…He is with you ALWAYS, and seeing you become the woman, friend, mother and girlfriend to some very lucky person that you should be. Pat yourself on the back, girl…you’re doing it. 🙂


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