Wake Up Call

 This is what 5 a.m. looks like.

I can hear Jane chirping down the hall.

“Hi, hi, hi, hi.”

I know she’s smiling in the dark, holding onto the crib bars, waiting expectantly for me to come pick her up and hug her, sing “good morning to you” and then change her diaper.

But sometimes it’s so hard to climb out of bed every day at 5 a.m. Especially on the weekend.

So her “hi hi hi” sounds become “heeeyyyy heeeyyy heeeyyyy” sounds.

And then I get up.

But it’s hard to begrudge her an early wake up time.

I mean, who else could be so cheerful before the sun comes up?

It’s just us, the mocking birds in the trees, and some good book reading.

One day I’ll miss these early wake up calls.

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