Jane Waves and Gnats

This week we discovered Jane’s penchant for waving at herself in the mirror. It’s not like we’re over-indulging her on this or anything.

It’s been hectic lately. As my former boss would say, we’re busier than a one-legged cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

I took a walk the other night around the lakes. I walked straight into a swarm of gnats by the water. One flew right up my nose, and in my hypochondriac mind I could just imagine him burrowing his way into my brain. I began to swat and run and yell a little bit. Okay I yelled a lot. Of course there was an entire group of old-lady-power-walkers on the other side of the street who stopped to watch. When I finally emerged from the cloud of tiny bugs, flustered and panting, one of the old women gave me a wave and said, “Girl, I never saw anyone move so fast who wasn’t getting paid.”

I’m still not sure what that means exactly. Whoever got paid for running from gnats? But emerging from that cloud of bugs was a relief. I could stop and breath. And clearing things off our plates feels just like that. I encourage you to think about the unnecessary things that stress you out. Clear them off your plate. Run free from the cloud of gnats. Have a fabulous Friday. And Jane would also like to recommend that everyone wave to themselves in the mirror. It’s good medicine.

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