The Weasley China Cabinet

I’ve been pining away over a certain piece of furniture for years. And that’s not an exaggeration. Literally. Years. It’s been sitting in my favorite Little Rock store forever, and I found myself making special trips on my lunch break just to stare at it.

It’s a lovely kelly green china cabinet, very old with original turn of the century chippy house paint.

Some things we pass by in the store, wish we could have it, and then never think about it again. This was not one of those things. I had a romance with this china cabinet in my head.

I shall now admit something that makes me a gigantic dork. Not only did I love it for the color, and the shape, but I also loved it because it reminded me of something that might have been in the Weasley’s house (Harry Potter nuts will understand).

And now… it is mine. If anyone needs me I’m going to be sitting cross legged in front of it. Smiling.

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