Decorating Above the TV (AKA My Toleware Sconce Obsession Pays Off)


Big spaces above the tv are my own personal decorating nightmare. I know more positive people would say, “No, Liz. They’re opportunities for something cool.”

Be that as it may, I am slowly accepting that I’m not a Pollyanna person. I’m more of a this kind of person. I see a big intimidating space of wall and just end up living with it for months, frozen in indecision, and muttering “why can’t you contribute something to this household” as I pass by it every so often.


In the midst of my “that’s a huge wall and there’s nothing on it and I’m going out to buy some more wine” crisis, I ended up changing the living room curtains to plain white sheers. I love it so. I don’t know why I argue with myself when I decorate things. Like, I already know what I like, and yet I talk myself out of it.

Liz-who-knows-things: Let’s decorate with some white curtains. It reminds you of summer.

Liz-who-messes-with-herself: Nah, let’s do something with patterns.

Liz-who-knows-things: But the rug has a lot of pattern and that’s going to bug you.

Liz-who-messes-with-herself: Nah, let’s do it anyway. Also, look at that super modern light fixture…

Liz-who-knows-things: Whoa, but we already saw that one at the flea market and…


So I go round and round with myself like a crazy woman until I come out on the other side and do things like I originally preferred them in the first place. It’s like laying a square egg, but, here we are. White sheer curtains.


I bought these toleware sconces on a whim a few weeks ago because I am OBSESSED with toleware sconces, and these bad boys were a really unique shade of off-white, brown and pink. It became immediately clear that they needed to be on the problem-wall, so I found this big round mirror during a half-off sale. They’re hung a little crooked, and the mirror might be a little low. I was being cautious as to not hang it too high and avoid an “the eye of Sauron” situation, but hey, that’s a problem for Liz-later-on.

Is this exactly how I saw this wall decorated? No. But in truth I was shorting-out with thoughts that vacillated between a gallery wall, a giant piece of art, a mural, or you know, burning the house down with the embers of my indecision. I’m super relieved to have something up and done. The more I decorate, the more I think, “Eh, why are there rules? If you like it who cares? If it doesn’t look like something in a magazine, is someone really going to mention it? If the curtains aren’t hung from a foot ABOVE the window, are the police going to come get me?”

Liz-who-messes-with-herself would say: YES! It’s important. Those are the rules.

Liz-who-knows-things would say: Let’s buy at least a dozen more toleware sconces and fill the entire wall with them, like some kind of weird art sculpture.

I mean, I’m totally not going to do that. But I could.



7 thoughts on “Decorating Above the TV (AKA My Toleware Sconce Obsession Pays Off)

  1. I love the mirror and the sconces Liz! Just an idea, move the TV over from the middle to the right side of console table and you don’t have to worry about moving the mirror. I think the idea may be more pleasing to your eye. Let me know what you think and if you made the change, post a picture. I have been reading since the Mabel days and you look so much happier now. The transformation is incredible and I am so happy for you.


    • Thanks Laura! Things definitely need to be adjusted, but I thought eh… another day. It’s part of my recovery from OCD, living with things that are “off” and learning to go on with life. Like my own version of immersion therapy. πŸ™‚


  2. I have a thing for those sconces as well. My mother had some when I was young and if I could have kept her from getting rid of them when I wasn’t looking……….I’d be a lot happier person right now.


  3. I love the sconces! Decorating a big empty wall is hard and on top of it, decorating above a tv is even harder. (We just moved, so I feel your pain.) I love the mirror. πŸ™‚


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