February Refresh: Blog Updating


I am currently listening to the sound of sleet pinging against the window and looking at pictures of roses past. Normally I would be considering whether to take my daily walk, but right now I’m considering whether or not I can make a batch of cookies at 9:30 in the morning without having “a problem.” I’m weighing that rationale with telling myself, “But you could order one of those tiny trampolines and run in place INSIDE, which would totes burn off all the cookie calories.”

But somehow I’m getting visions of that scene in the cartoon Dumbo (you know the one, it flashed instantly in your head too), and the trampoline seems less a good idea and more an opportunity for a member of my family to record this activity and blackmail me forever.


Elizabeth Harrell blog header 1


Besides having mental arguments about cookies and tiny elephants, I’m also doing some pre-spring-cleaning here on the site. Thanks to my awesome artist friend Jeanetta, I’ve got a brand new (and totally original piece of art) header. She is a jack of all trades, and can do anything from totally rebooting your site to a little artistic sprucing. She could also tile your bathroom, paint your portrait, and sew your authentic cosplay costume. I have seriously never met a woman more multi-talented, so I cannot recommend her enough.



I’m also doing a little housecleaning and organizing over on my Pinterest page, the only other thing on earth that can compete with 9:30 am cookies. Remember those days when we used to cut out magazine pages that inspired us, and then we put them in those peel-back-page photo albums so we could collect all our favorite inspiration?

No? That was just me? *hangs head in Monica-OCD-level shame*

Anywayyyy. Thank goodness for Pinterest.

I’ll leave you with this old picture of Jane. This was the only thing she really wanted to do with a dollhouse when she was little. She would set up a few things inside, and then spend the next hour looking at me through the windows and doors, much like Willy the Giant (I’m really working those Disney references today), while yelling at the top of her lungs, “HELLLOOOO, CAN I COME IN????”

And this is exactly how I feel in reverse today, as I fight cookie cravings and listen to the sleet hitting the side of the house. I want to open the front door and yell, “HELLOOO CAN WE COME OUT YET?”

Spring is coming. That’s my mantra and I’m sticking to it. In the mean time, I’m going to go clean something WHILE eating a cookie.




4 thoughts on “February Refresh: Blog Updating

  1. Oh I TOTALLY kept a 3 ring binder full of things I had torn out of magazines. I was so thrilled to discover Pinterest and SO glad I could finally throw out those binders! Yes, I had more than one. The really thick ones.

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