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There’s always a bright side, right?

The political news in Arkansas begs to differ with me on that point, but I’m doing my best to focus on brighter, happier topics. Some moments it works, other moments it doesn’t. I don’t fully recognize the state I grew up in anymore. I don’t understand how we possibly elected these people. I could rant, oh could I rant. And I have. I probably will again. But I won’t now, here.

So here’s the bright side. White flowers covering the ground. Jane’s super long white legs in shorts. Her crystals in the patio planter, and the rosemary plant’s purple blooms. Our little apartment.  Laughter at bath time. The pansies she poaches from the flower bed and leaves underneath the rain spout for the “fairy bathtub.” Pink sunsets. Phone calls with my sisters. Dandelions. Flotsam and his weird little beady face that makes perfect eye contact whenever we enter the room. Pot roasts after work. Weekends with my parents. Co-workers I like. Writing projects that keep me up late. My love, who is traveling to see us as I type this.

So while it may seem the world is going to hell in a hand basket (or for us Arkansans, a seemingly back-in-time hillbilly hand basket), there’s always a bright side. Like voting. Like speaking out. Like protesting. And picking some flowers, taking a deep breath, and playing a card game with my sweet girl.

There are so many bright sides. And I’m going to focus on them.

11 thoughts on “The Bright Side

  1. I needed to ‘look on the bright side’ today, as well. I’m from Indiana and I am ashamed of my home state. Realistically, I know that most Hoosiers do not share the views of these politicians. This mindset breaks my heart.

    Thanks for sharing the gifts of spring.

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  2. I understand where you are coming from. I was born and raised in Indiana and I am so sad for my state. We can only hope these incidents will drive people to the polls and change will take place.

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    • I’m sorry Cheryl. I couldn’t agree with you less.

      These are some of the legislative items and political going’s-on from Arkansas, by the people elected to lead:

      1. Firing squads

      2.Privatizing Little Rock schools

      3. Legalized discrimination (and there can be no other word for it)

      4. Tom Cotton’s bizarre international correspondence

      5. Unconscionable defense of Justin Harris, child “rehomer” (and his refusal to step down from public office)

      6. Relaxing the sprinkler system requirements for daycares… proposed by a daycare owner… wait for it… Justin Harris

      7. Guns on college campuses

      8. State legislative members gave themselves a huge raise

      9. Tax relief for frackers

      10. Maternity leave for state workers was blocked by the senate

      11. Library funding was cut, but a capital gains tax break was approved

      If these political leaders are reflective of following God… I think we have a huge problem.

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  3. Liz, I knew we were on differnt paths when I read your I want the whole cookie article.This behavior of saying what ever you feel is so wrong, demanding your way over others.When did being kind go out of style? Why is it ok to hurt someone elses feelings? and why is that funny?
    As for your state laws I don’t know much about them as I live in Wisconsin. I can tell you I work at a womens college and I do think I would feel safer if we had conceal carry on campus.
    Have you heard about the Pastor from Canada who was put in jail for preaching from the Bible? Scary stuff, coming to America soon
    I do wish you and your family a Happy Easter


    • Cheryl, my blog post was about Arkansas politics. My response to you was, again, about Arkansas politics when you seemingly inferred that the people who voted our politicians into office were following God by doing so (and said politicians ensuing actions are not reflective of Jesus’ teachings in the slightest). The other non-sequiturs in your response are very confusing. But I wish you and your family a very happy Easter as well.


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