Goings On



This girl turns four soon. I can hardly believe it. It seems just yesterday I was crying like a baby while watching National Velvet and thought to myself, “Huh, something’s off.” And that something was a positive pregnancy test. Being her mom has exceeded every expectation I ever had.

There’s a lot happening these days. We’re experiencing our regular bi-polar spring where we’re turning on the air conditioner one day and digging the coats back out the next. But the good news is the daffodils are blooming. The mourning doves are cooing.

Every day after work we check the mail and Jane screams by the pool, “The water will be warm soon and I’m gonna swim in there!!!” In case any of the neighbors wondered.

I got the opportunity to write an article about my college dormitory for Only In Arkansas. You can read it here if you like a spooky story.

Fayez is coming to visit us soon. It’s been two months since we’ve seen him, and to say I’m ready to see his face is an understatement.

So spring, so far, gets an A+ from me.

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