Snow Days Never Bothered Me Anyway. Just Kidding. My Left Eye is Still Twitching.




Snow days. In the last two weeks, six of them. I’ve learned a lot. I’ve eaten a lot. I’ve also earned a couple extra lines on my face, because let’s face it, a three year old trapped indoors is akin to cramming pop rocks into a soda container…



We’ve had sword fights with pool noodles. We’ve ridden said pool noodles like brooms. We’ve had heated debates about why pool noodles cannot be played with near a fireplace.

Beat that Grey Garden chicks.

I coerced Jane into eating sauteed mushrooms for a second time, just in case she might change her mind, but nope. She still considers them to be on the same level as eating a spinach, chocolate, dog food trifle. She tried though. She chewed and gagged, chewed and gagged, and then smiled at me miserably and said, “I hate them, can I still have an M&M?”


We’ve watched every single cartoon in the dvd cabinet, exhausted Netflix, and then moved on to You Tube. Finally we settled on the Beekman baby goat cam, but that didn’t end well because Jane found my goat impersonations to be sub par.


I’ve had ample time to muddle over existential Disney quandaries. Like if Elsa’s parents had introduced her to some good old meditation that whole Frozen ordeal could have been side stepped. It also dawned on me that Rapunzel would have had a seriously weak immune system after being isolated in that tower all those years. Like, the common cold probably would have killed her. On the flip side, she was totally set to survive a zombie apocalypse.

And yes, I realize these are musings of a desperate mind. I also realize that riding pool noodles around a 900 square foot apartment isn’t ideal aerobic activity but hey YOU DO THE BEST YOU CAN.


C3PO didn’t fare well at all. I guess he had a sub par goat impression too.



And then to put a cherry on top of this “all work and no play makes Liz and Jane dull girls” situation, Jane came home sick on Monday. She looked at me today with feverish eyes and said, “I like when you sit on the couch with me. I like your face.”

So that’s what we did.

We sat on the couch for the past three days.

At one point she coughed directly into my mouth, but that’s okay.



It’s what happens when someone likes your face.

3 thoughts on “Snow Days Never Bothered Me Anyway. Just Kidding. My Left Eye is Still Twitching.

  1. A little piece of my homebody, introverted self pines for a snow day each winter — not gonna happen in Florida, and if it did, it would shut the state down for like a week, for sure — but then I remember how snow actually is and why i moved out of the northeast 13 years ago, and how even though I melt for six months out of the year now, I never have to shovel or clean off my car. Here’s hoping healthier, less confined days are in your neat future! =)


  2. ROTFL! I laughed so hard at this awesome post I had to read it out loud to my husband. He was starting to think I had developed some kind of apoplexy!


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