Three Words: Death Star T-shirt


When I was brainstorming what to give Fayez for Christmas, I asked my sister Rachel to draw a picture of us for him. And she drew this. I mean, she got us. Jane’s ever-present tutu. Her crazy little hair. My permanent winter boots that I do everything but sleep in. My Star Wars t-shirt obsession. I mean…

I don’t even own a Death Star t-shirt and now… I must.

Rachel does portraits, illustrations, and all manner of arty things. She got all the artistic genes from my mom. Rebecca and I are left over in the corner drawing, erasing constantly, and cursing our pitiful little stick figure’ish creations that look like angry, emaciated head hunters. Just trust me. They do.

You can check out Rachel’s site here. She’s awesome and super flexible to work with. I’d apologize for bragging too much, but I won’t. Why? She’s awesome. And three words: Death Star T-shirt.

2 thoughts on “Three Words: Death Star T-shirt

  1. Your sister is super talented!!! I ordered a watercolor of my niece for her 1st birthday and it was such a hit! Absolutely adorable!


  2. I only “know” y’all through the blog, but I’m pretty sure that if I randomly saw this I’d still know that was Jane. So fun. Also, I love grandma’s words in the post above. I needed to hear that, too.


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