January Catch Up


This year, all 14 days of it, have been a little frantic and fast paced.

And the news is sad. People died. Terrorism reared its ugly head. Freedom of speech felt a little bit shaky. Hurtful words and accusations get hurled back and forth about religion and beliefs with zero love or respect for other human beings. It feels… heavy.

But I’m doing my best to focus on the good. The happy. It’s still out there…


Yesterday driving home on the freeway Jane and I caught the sunset, and it was beautiful. Jane began to squeal and kick her feet, “Look Mommy! It’s all my favorite colors! Pink and blue and red and orange…” And at that moment, as if Mother Nature said “ha, if you think that’s good watch this,” a massive flock of sparrows swarmed the air, spinning up and down and around in the most beautiful patterns. There were hundreds, probably thousands, of these tiny black birds, spiraling against a bright pink and orange sunset. And right there on the freeway my breath caught, and I knew, it’s all going to be alright. I don’t know how, or when, or if I’ll even be there to see it. But this world is still, despite the hateful things humans do to each other sometimes, a stunning and magical place to call home.

So I’m going to focus on only good things for the remainder of this post.


I’ve discovered microwavable salt-and-peppered edamame. What a revelation! Edamane! At home! On my couch! With root beer and pajamas! I contend that it doesn’t get much better.



Jane discovered that drinking water out of the bathtub makes me object, which in turn makes the bathtub water taste utterly delicious and Jane taste-bud approved. She makes this face when she does it. We make eye contact and she’s suddenly this little imp with a mouthful of bathwater. It’s funny. But I still beg her to stop.


My sister Rebecca is at home for one more month and we’re soaking in all the time with her that we can. Also, Aunt Becca and Jane have matching faces. I draw the line at matching nose rings for at least another 13 years.



Big bowls of soup, polka dot scarves and Jane belting out Elvis songs at the top of her lungs (in public places, always public places) rank very high on my happiness scale.

My sweetheart’s birthday is coming up soon, and I get to celebrate it with him.

And then, when all else fails and the gloomy frigid grayness of January sets in, there’s always the internets. I suggest this for a big laugh.

5 thoughts on “January Catch Up

  1. My good thing for January is that you’re coming to NYC!!!!!

    But also, I’m with you in believing that as terrible as the news makes our world out to be — there is *always* something good to find, if we want to see it. What matters is that we want to. As long as we do, no terrorist will win in the long term. And the short term matters only as much as we give it power to.

    Oh, also, I met with Memphis Tourism people today and they’d like me to visit in 2015. I propose that you meet me there for a few of the days I am in town so we can lay over some really fun girlie memories on top of the other ones that might exist regarding that city….if you know what I mean. We can talk more when I see you.

    /longest comment on a blog ever


  2. I had a similar moment after “911”. I was in London when it happened and felt so very helpless and alone not being in my own country and with my own family when terror struck. But on the flight home, I looked out at the dark sky filled with stars and I just knew everything would be all right…because there were BIG things in life that no evil could alter or take away.


  3. Beautifully written & full of hope for the future.

    Your sister & Jane look so much alike!

    My younger son drank the bath water too, for exactly the same reason – to see
    Mom squinch up her face & say ick. Loved getting a reaction & then giggling & drinking more!


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