She Turns Two

Jane is two today. I cannot believe it.

I get sad, a little bit, when I remember the tiny pink smell-good bundle that she was. But honestly, those were dark days too. Those were days when I had to live with my parents to survive, days when they cared for Jane and me, days when we wouldn’t have made it without them.

So while I miss her baby-hood, I wouldn’t want to wind back the clock. I’m oh so very super duper thankful to be where we are now. I’m thankful to be healthy. I’m thankful she’s a sassy two year old. I’m thankful we’re all three under the same roof. Our toddler. Our terrible two-er. What would we ever do without her?

This was a busy weekend. We tried our best to get outside and enjoy the weather. We tackled painting projects (bye bye beige living room). We strung some lights on the patio. But mostly I tried to soak in as much of Jane as possible. If I could have put my nose to her and sniffed her like a flower, I would have. She’s so big. She’s so grown. She yelled, “Bye ya’ll” over and over to friends after church. I didn’t even know she knew how to say that. She amazes us every day and sometimes there just aren’t words to describe how much another person makes your heart ache with pride. I hope she always knows that. I hope she always knows how proud we are of her.

My sweet Jane, if you read this one day, know we love you always and forever. Happy second birthday.


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