Everything’s Coming Up Daffodils

Last Sunday evening I went outside and picked two vases full of daffodil buds. The wind was blowing in the pine trees and I puttered around the yard with my scissors, clipping and snipping. Wet, cold weather was coming in, and the navy blue sky was roiling up above me, and two doves cooed frantically. It was a perfect moment.  It was a little snippet of time that will stay with me until I”m old. Isn’t it funny how that happens? How we plow through day after day, week after week, moving a thousand miles a minute, but every now and then the clock slows down to a crawl. That was what happened in the backyard, with the navy clouds overhead while I picked my daffodil buds.

Now they’re blooming. Oh how I needed it. I think February knew and she sent them to my yard.

So onward to Valentine’s day right?

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