It’s a Post-Halloween World

Well folks, it’s a post-Halloween world.

I survived.

How about you?

First we went to a party at Jane’s daycare

 (where all the kids were dressed up in the entire school, so adorable).

Then trunk-or-treat at our church.

I have to say, I’ve long thought trunk-or-treat (the concept), is sad.

I mean,

running around a neighborhood in the dark, feeling spooky,

for hours on end is way better than pulling candy out of trunks.

But let’s be real.

We don’t live in a world where that’s very safe anymore.

So trunks it is.

There was music and candy and chili.

I think I may have converted to a pro-trunk-or-treater.Our little cupcake was pretty worn out by this point.

Have you ever lugged around a puffy 24 pound cupcake draped over

your shoulder for an hour?

It’s like lugging around a 24 pound bag of potatoes.

Still painful, but much cuter.

After dining on chicken nuggets and a cherry sucker,

Jane decided that Halloween 2012 was over.

We loaded up the car and headed home,

My how Halloween has changed for me.

It used to be about decorations and baked goods,

and this year it was about costumes,

toddler parties,

and figuring out how to clean cherry sucker residue off her

sweet chubby cheeks.

And now we move on to Thanksgiving.

I can’t believe it.

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