Zoo Time

One thing I can say about my kid:

She isn’t easily impressed.






She gave them all the same stare.

She was like, “O.K. You’re cool. Next please.”Until we saw the fish.

Now THAT she got into.

She gripped the bars of the railing and watched them with the

intensity of a hungry cat.

In fact, I think she made them a little nervous.

It was a gorgeous day.

Not too hot, not too cold.

Sometimes, when we’re pushing her stroller,

or I’m handing her a sippy cup,

I have to pinch myself.

I have a daughter.

Everything is an adventure now.

Even a trip to the zoo that I’ve been to a million times.

This hard-to-impress little girl who waves at everyone,

says the word “no” even when she means yes,

and likes to pull on my shirt in public to show me where

my belly button is…

…has changed everything.

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