Mabel’s House Re-Post: A Christmas Post for Becca

*originally posted December 2010


This post is for my world traveling sister Rebecca. She’s in China.

Hi Becca.

Here is a picture of the bump/your niece.

Jane moves a lot. She’s very busy in there. Lots of things to do apparently.

Mabel says hi too.




I watched The Grinch the other day. When he said “Humphf, that’s it. I’m not going” I thought of you. And then I cried. And then I thought about Rachel’s wedding that you won’t be here for. I cried again. But don’t feel too guilty. I also cried yesterday because a movie I was watching was terrible, and instead of turning it off I just sat in the chair and cried.

Hormones stink.

Anyway. Come home soon.

Merry Christmas.

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