Mabel’s House Re-Post: Great Weekend

*originally posted November 2010


Why so great? Energy. Lots and lots of glorious, wonderful, sunshiney energy.

This weekend consisted of a haircut. A shopping trip to Wal-Mart. (By the way, Wal-Mart has a couple of big jar candles – Mulled Cider and Pine – that are $4 a piece AND smell just like Yankee Candles.)

I cleaned house a little. Played with Mabel. Helped throw a bridal shower. Hung out and watched tv while cuddling under blankets in the chilly house. We had to turn the heat on.

And the best part? I cleaned my office, which has of late become dumping ground for all things baby related.

Like I said. Glorious energy. Great weekend.

One thought on “Mabel’s House Re-Post: Great Weekend

  1. Oh, yay! Thank you for re-posting. I love looking at your house and reading your beautiful words. Keep them coming, Liz. Sincerely, Kathi


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