Cotton Candy Colored Clouds

There’s a shift in the season.

I think it’s the light. The sun comes up a little later,

the sun goes down a little faster.

Cotton candy colored clouds that have baked a little too long.

Fall is just around the corner.

Normally I would be in level code red nesting mode.

I’d be plotting fall decor, Halloween costumes.

Instead I’m packing.

I hope we have a roost to land in soon.

But I find myself noticing things I normally overlook.

Like the somber calls of the crows over the lake.

The crackle of leaves on the driveway.

All those subtle hints that I normally pay no attention to

because I’m too wrapped up in spray painting pumpkins,

or buying mums at the market.

This little crew of mine is uprooted.

But it’s for a good cause.

We’re ready for a change. We need this.

You know how sometimes you just know that something needs a shift?

An adjustment?

 I’m hopeful this house will be that shift for us.

I’m trying to roll with the punches and enjoy the hints of fall.

I’m trying to take time to hang out with my sister and sweet

brother-in-law. We’ll soon be on the other side of town.

That makes me sad.

Fall is coming.

Summer is closing.

Our house is almost a memory.

Cotton candy colored clouds baked a little too long,

I’ll always be reminded of this time in our lives when I see them.


Things around here are hopping.

The inspection on our house went great.

Now we’re just waiting for the appraisal.

*holds breath*

Jane and I spent a fun weekend together.

We spent time at Rachel’s house…

or as Jane calls her, T.T.

I’d like to say I did some packing.

But instead I spent time loving on Jane and getting really excited.

I’ve been ready for a change.


It would appear that Jane and I are embroiled in a battle. It’s a “don’t touch the knobs on the gas stove” battle. She’s had her hands spatted (which I hate), and there were many tears. But it’s fire people. If you can’t discipline over fire… well…. you’re going to be getting to know your insurance agent on a very personal basis.

I thought our battle was over. But I was wrong.

Yesterday morning I noticed her standing in front of the stove again, staring at the knobs intently.

“Jane, we talked about this. No,” I said as sternly as a woman can when she’s got rollers in her hair and a spoonful of Honey Nut Cheerios in her mouth.

She cut her eyes at me, her mouth pursed in a thoughtful line. I could see the inner dialogue.

“I understand what you’re saying. But I really like knobs.”

She turned her gaze back to them and reached out a hand.

“Jane! I said no.”

She paused, hand in midair, and looked at me.

“NUH!” she stated, shaking her head back and forth.

“Aw how cute,” I muttered, thinking she was mimicking me.

She slowly reached again.

“Hey. No,” I reached down and spatted her hand.

Jane pooched out her lips, and then shook her head violently, “NUH!”

And that’s when it dawned on me that she wasn’t mimicking me at all.

She was telling me no.

After a few moments, and a couple more “NUH’s” she crawled back into the living room.

And so it begins.

And Then That Day Comes When You Get An Offer On Your House And Realize You Have No Where To Live

This weekend Jane and I stayed with my parents.

They bought her a red car to drive around the living room, and she got very sassy with me.

It was all hands on deck in church, as you can see.

All that attention from doting grandparents makes Jane a prissy, slightly ‘tudey girl.

Mom said I was the same way.

I have no memory of that.

Then we got an offer on our house.

We’re so happy.

And a little bit panicked.

The future is wide open, it seems.

If this all goes through, we will be out on the streets next month.

Just when I think I’ve got life all planned out…

Grins All Around


Jane feels great. Now it’s my turn to deal with daycare cooties. But who cares about that? Let’s get a quick recap of what Jane learned this weekend.

1. She is hissing like a snake constantly. On purpose.

2. She discovered her nipples, tried to pull them off, and realized it was perhaps the worst idea she’d ever had.

3. She went swimming in a real pool.

4. She noticed the swollen lymph nodes on my neck and took great delight in slapping me, leaning close and whispering, “hi.” Good medicine.