The Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Sinus Infection


My cheerful kid who never gets sick got super sick last week.

And while most people get cranky when sick, she tries to stay cheerful, but also gets kind of slap happy. From fever? From boredom? From pain? I don’t know. But what I do know is that when we entered the doctor’s office and I said “don’t touch anything” my normally mature six year old heard my instructions through her feverish ears and decided that since I didn’t say “don’t lick anything” she was good to go on sampling the taste of her waiting room chair.

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Accent Wall Painting, Hang-Em-High Curtain Philosophy, and Creeping Under the Bed


This is the least blog-staged photo ever taken. It’s off kilter and the lighting is weird, but sometimes you just think, “IT’S GOOD ENOUGH I CANNOT STAGE A PHOTO WHEN I DIDN’T HAVE THE ENERGY TO PUT ON DEODORANT THIS MORNING.” Sorry for the shouty letters, but I feel very strongly about this. Social media is always a little bit staged, clearly, but isn’t it okay to have a rough day, forget to brush your teeth, and take a crooked picture, and then not apologize for it?

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Beating the Winter Blues: Creating Art With Your Child


The other morning I left our house wearing my biggest coat that zips up to my nose and drapes down below my knees. I was wearing a hat, sunglasses, and giant boots. I looked like a cross between Frosty the Snowman and the Michelin Man, all hint of womanhood completely hidden (unless you count the Kate Spade sunglasses, which when it’s the only scrap of femininity left in your ensemble, I do). But dang-it, I was prepared for those 15 degree temps.

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Strapped to the Front of the Holiday Train, Catching Bugs in My Teeth, But They’re Protein Right?



So before the northeast wintertime came in and froze everything (including my toes, I’ve gone past wool socks and straight to an electric heating pad), I spied these berries at the old Sleepy Hollow Cemetary. Does anyone know what these beautiful specimens are called? Clearly if there was a Miss Universe Pageant for berries, these would take the crown.

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