Accent Wall Painting, Hang-Em-High Curtain Philosophy, and Creeping Under the Bed


This is the least blog-staged photo ever taken. It’s off kilter and the lighting is weird, but sometimes you just think, “IT’S GOOD ENOUGH I CANNOT STAGE A PHOTO WHEN I DIDN’T HAVE THE ENERGY TO PUT ON DEODORANT THIS MORNING.” Sorry for the shouty letters, but I feel very strongly about this. Social media is always a little bit staged, clearly, but isn’t it okay to have a rough day, forget to brush your teeth, and take a crooked picture, and then not apologize for it?

I feel a rant coming on, so I just won’t. We’ve had spring-like weather for two days in a row and it’s made me feel very sassy. So instead of ranting I’ll make a mental note to, in fact, put on deodorant.

Back to my case in point: accent walls. I’ve been itching to do one since we moved into this house, but there were two barriers.

  1. Painting is hard and I don’t like it. Like, I’m good at it, but I’m going to be grumpy and channel Red from That 70’s Show for at least two days afterwards as I slather myself in Icy Hot and yell stuff like, “Will someone bring me the advil bottle?”
  2. I’ve been worried that accent walls are “dated.” Like, are they one of those early 2000’s relics that I haven’t figured out is passe yet? Like those wide legged pants I wore far beyond the time when they were cool? I’m not good with being on-trend. And I still have those wide legged pants.

In the end I went for it anyway because we don’t have a headboard, and the wall windows are weird and off-center. Our bedroom needed some color and some weight.  I’m happy with it, despite the fact that I ended up throwing my back out and taking an Epsom salt bath and then nearly drowning because I couldn’t physically get myself out of the tub.

I’m just kidding. I got out fine. But it hurt and I yelled a lot.

The other issue I’ve been pondering is the “hang-em-high” curtain rule. I know that curtains look best hung high above the actual window. I did it downstairs. I know that if Emily Henderson could see this she would beat me with a wet noodle. But what if your curtains aren’t long enough for that? What if you don’t feel like sewing extensions on the bottom of them? What if you read decor “must” articles and they fill you full of rebel feelings and you say to yourself, “Well who died and put them in charge? Why can’t I do what I want?”

In the end, the curtains are lower than they should be. But in the spirit of Red, and sore butt muscles, and the on-coming sassiness of spring… I’m not too fussed about it.

Oh, and one last bit about this crooked non-staged photo: there’s a kid under that bed. She was under there while I was making the bed. She was under there while I was taking this picture. She was under there after I sniffed my armpit and muttered, “Crappers, I forgot deodorant again today.” She was under there, in the darkness, the whole time, and I did not realize it until she scrambled out from under the shadows and yelled BOO and I nearly pulled my back all over again trying to get away from her.

Well done, Jane. Well done.

Pillow Thompson Header

In other news, I’ve been staying busy with freelance articles for Only In Arkansas. This particular article, with photos courtesy of the fabulous Arkansas Parks and Tourism, is hands down one of my favorites. I still pinch myself when I realize that someone hired me to write about old houses and research American Queen Anne style.

So feel free to read. Feel free to take a crooked picture or forget your deodorant. Feel free to enjoy spring-like weather today (if you’ve got it). And feel free to check under your bed if you live with a tiny person who takes great delight in the vocal styling of your screams.

7 thoughts on “Accent Wall Painting, Hang-Em-High Curtain Philosophy, and Creeping Under the Bed

  1. Who on earth is going to go into your bedroom and criticize the accent wall or the hanging level of the curtains? As long as you and yours are happy, all’s well.

    For the record, I have two accent walls in my great room. Because I couldn’t decide.


  2. Well it is a darn good thing you saved those wide-leg pants because I saw on several high fashion web-sites where I cannot afford to actually buy anything that they are back big time! You won’t have to buy new because you already have some! p.s. I like your accent wall.


  3. Gorgeous! I have a shameful bedroom I will decorate “someday” after I tackle the rest of the house. Sigh. I LOVE that shade of blue, and the rug. I’m not sure I can see my rug with my 3 empty dressers for him to use and the clean laundry clearly should be stored on the floor hubby. And IMHO, your curtains are hung exactly right for the room, but maybe a crooked picture brings out their beauty? You have an eye for comfortable and stylish decor I envy!


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