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Mabel’s House Re-Post: Cupcakes and Sprinkles Halloween


*originally posted in October 2011

There’s a cold front moving in. At least that’s what the weather people have been predicting. I hope they’re not wrong.

So in anticipation I turned on all the orange Halloween lights in the house. And then I baked. Nothing exploded, burned, singed or popped. Most of all, the cupcakes are edible. Mission accomplished.

This year I find I’m not in the mood for a scary Halloween. These last few months we’ve had enough scary moments to last us awhile. I’m in the mood for a sprinkles kind of Halloween. Cupcakes seemed like the right choice. Actually, when are cupcakes not the right choice?

Bring on the cold weather.


Mabel’s House Re-Post: A Photo Tour of Last October (Since I’ll Probably Drop the Ball This Year)

*originally published October 2011 

Last October I was a whirlwind of energy. I was doing crafts for Better Homes and Gardens. I was baking cakes. I had morning sickness like crazy, but somehow it gave me super-woman pregnancy hormones to push ahead.

This year, meh. Not so much.

So because I’ll probably drop the ball this year in the creativity/energy department, here’s some inspiration from last year. I wonder what those ladies at BHG did with this mask I sent them? I kind of miss it.

Frankly, I’ll be doing good to plug in my jack-o-lantern.

But never fear. I WILL plug it in. It is after all the best time of the year. And even if I’m not doing my best Martha Stewart impression, I’ll still be watching scary movies and throwing around strands of orange twinkle lights.

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Mabel’s House Re-Post: Tummy Time, Meh.


*originally posted August 2011These pictures were taken a few weeks ago. Since then Jane has blossomed into a marshmallowy beauty with more puckers and rolls all over. I love it so much.

But one thing that hasn’t changed in the past few weeks is her absolute and total loathing of tummy time. She kicks and strains and presses her little face into the ground while squealing like an angry little piggy.

We find a mirror helps. No matter how foul her mood, she always manages to enjoy looking at herself.

Kisses afterward help too. Actually, they’re mandatory.

Mabel’s House Re-Post: Here Already

*originally posted May 2011

Today is the day. It’s the end of maternity leave.

 It hurts.

Nine hours away from her.

Five days a week.

 My stomach is in knots.
I’m doing what I have to do.
But I don’t think this hole in my heart will ever totally heal.

And a word of advice. Please don’t say this phrase to a woman going to back to work:

“Quit your job, you’ll regret it if you don’t.”

Know that 99.9% of all working mothers are working because they have to. Not because they drive BMW’s. Not because they want to maintain the mortgage on a mansion. But because if they don’t the government will foreclose on their modest homes. So don’t give advice like that. Be kind. Be encouraging. Wish us luck, because we need it.

Mabel’s House Re-Post: A Chat With Sophie

*originally posted May 2011

Jane thinks Sophie is pretty cool. They have lots of conversations in what I can only assume is a special baby code language.

They’re probably discussing my inability to change a poopy diaper in timely manner. Or the fact that I keep putting gloves on her because I’m too chicken to cut her fingernails.

Either way, there’s some kind of anti-mother conspiracy going on.

I can sense it.