Wintering On


There are several small things I’ve done this winter that have proven to be super successful. Did I win the lottery? No. Did I wash my hair more than once this week? I plead the fifth.

But hanging patio lights above the kitchen sink, ceding control of after-school snack time into Jane’s hands, and watching the Netflix show Fake or Fortune have all proven to be winning decisions.



True joy is learning how to make your own cheesy chips and delighting in the microwave’s cheerful ding. True disappointment is asking your mom what she got you for Christmas and hearing her say, “The gift of self sufficiency.”

Obvs I was kidding. There’s a whole box of presents in the attic waiting to be wrapped. Just like the backslash that is also waiting for me to just STENCIL HER ALREADY.

IMG_5859 (1)

But on my list of “Undecided Decisions” is this adorable vintage house cookie jar, and I don’t know whether listing it in my Etsy shop was a good decision, or whether I should have kept it and petted it and whispered, “My precious.”

Nope. Listing it was definitely the best decision given those two choices.

So that’s us. Wintering on with cheesy chips and indoor patio lights.

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