Mission: Make Spring Happen By Sheer Will, a Bud Vase, and Some Paint



Today we drove to Home Depot in sleet, bought cornflower blue paint, drank coffee, and sent spring vibes out into the universe. It’s clear that New Jersey has no intention of letting flowers bloom and doves coo. There is even more snow in the forecast. But I have strategies. And none of them involve crying.

I bought this little bud vase (a little 1940’s era ginger jar missing its lid) at a thrift store with the express intention of using it for all those little flowers Jane likes to pick in the yard. You know. When the yard isn’t covered in ice. I’m assuming a “if you build it they will come” stance.


Also, I decided that if the flowers won’t grow, then I will paint them. I haven’t painted in, um, about 28 years, so this has been a fun and perplexing adventure. I don’t know what I’m doing, but I love it. It’s also getting in the way of life, like cleaning or actual writing work. Painting is like a time warp. You look up, brush in hand, and suddenly many hours have passed, you’ve watched a whole season of Friends, forgot to put on deodorant, and it’s time to pick up the kid from school.


So those are my tear-free strategies for dealing with this winter that won’t end. If it continues, I’m not ruling out scuba lessons at the local aquatic center and setting up a tomato garden beside our sliding glass doors.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

2 thoughts on “Mission: Make Spring Happen By Sheer Will, a Bud Vase, and Some Paint

  1. For someone who has not painted in years, your picture is wonderful!!! The end result makes it worth all those things that you did not accomplish.


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