I’m Here! I’m Here!

The spring has gotten away from me. Today I was literally kicking my way through thickly pink carpeted sidewalks (pink petals on the ground make me go a little bit Maria-Sound-of-Music in the brain), and realized I haven’t posted on here in forever.

I’ve been busy writing articles over at First Security Bank’s website, Only In Arkansas.
I’m excited every time I finish one, but this one ya’ll. This one is the closest one to my heart. So if you have time head over and check it out. And for now I’m going to be skipping through the spring-overflowing sidewalks of Queens.

2 thoughts on “I’m Here! I’m Here!

  1. I’m so glad ‘you’re here, you’re here’! Thanks for sharing your Cozy Corners piece. I love to read your writing and I love seeing glimpses of your life. I live on a pumpkin farm in Kansas but love to visit NYC. Blessings on your day!


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