Social Media Moss

You know that saying ” a rolling stone gathers no moss?” Well, where it concerns this blog, and my social media hustle, my social media landscape is covered with green stuff. I’ve got so much moss that Martha Stewart could gather it for 1000 terrariums containing adorable snails and red toadstools.

I’ve slowed down. Way down. I went through a lot of personal stuff and went to ground. I had no book coming out, so I quit the hustle. I’ve been blogging and into social media for over 10 years and while I was once full of life, sprinty, running inside the pack, waving a flag, springing lightly in my athletic shoes… I got old. I got slow. I got tired. I got rude comments and weird twitter followers and the rose-gold finish on social media wore down to an icky gray color.

But now I’ve had a nice long break. I’m still not sprint-with-the-pack ready. I don’t care for algorithms and I have no idea how many people even read this blog anymore. But there’s a difference between being laid back and letting the whole operation fall into total disrepair. So, with that said, I’m trying to straighten things out to at least an old lady presentable state. I don’t mind not sprinting with the pack, but I would like a pair of serviceable shoes and a water bottle for a stroll by the lake.

I started an author page on Facebook. I wiped the cobwebs off Twitter. I started a public Instagram account. All of these can be found on my side bar as well.

On a fantastic side note, my best friend sent me a pair of Golden Girl leggings for my birthday. I can confidently say I will survive until spring now. It was always my dream to be part of the Golden Girls, and now I get to wear them. It’s the next best thing. Because let’s face it, I’ve been Old Lady Liz for a long time.

And now Old Lady Liz is dipping her toe back into the social media waters.

And since I just referred to myself in the third person, I’m taking that as a clear sign I need to break and go get some lunch.

Yes to bacon, hold the moss.

11 thoughts on “Social Media Moss

  1. You’ve got at least one of your “old” followers still here! Glad you’re jumping back in! I’m still in Facebook but haven’t touched my blog in years but have been thinking about it. To continue the old one or start a new one? We’ll see!


  2. Well, I’m still here reading, dear Liz. I haven’t blogged since the new year of 2014. I’m not sure what happened, and the writer in me is still here, but for some reason I just sort of stare at my blog, then click off. I’m glad you were wise enough to see you needed a break from social media. I’ve found it can bring quite the pressure sometimes. I’m glad to have found you on FB. Insta is my fav so I’ll go look for you there too.


  3. Oh, honey — you are so far from old! I gave it all a rest, too, and have cautiously dipped my little toe back in the water in a very limited way. I read you way back when Mabel ruled the house, and I always enjoy what and when you do post. I know that feeling well — that ‘have I stayed too long at the party’ thing? Love your leggings, as I am I long-time GG aficionado, too.


  4. Liz, I admire you and all bloggers. Over the years, reading other people’s blogs has given me a chance to learn about other parts of the country and I will admit, be a bit of a voyeur .

    I have found that most of the bloggers I read, have slowly ceased blogging. I imagine it must be difficult to share your life with strangers, day in and day out and not want to withdraw for a while. I also found that I felt many were presenting their lives as they wanted people to think they lived. It is difficult to sustain that perfectionism long term.

    Thank you for sharing your struggles, for no one lives a perfect life and I think, we all feel less alone when we read about the struggles and the success in someone’s life!


  5. oh, those GG leggings are divine!! I’m not a social media maven either. Instagram and Pinterest are my only accounts, which is more than enough socializing for me!


  6. I’m still here and I have appreciated all your honesty throughout all that has happened. You have courage that I cannot imagine. Your writing is refreshing and helpful to those of us slogging through the messy parts of life as well as the beautiful ones.


  7. Super glad to have you back! This small town girl loves getting a glimpse into and city life as well as your thoughtful posts and general family sweetness. I read your post about church awhile back and I it made me want to mention this small community of NYC believers called Restoration Church. I have no idea if you live anywhere near where they meet, but I’ve heard about their mission to simply serve New Yorkers and show them the love of Jesus. My church sent a youth mission team there last year and they found creative ways to serve strangers without an agenda and especially show those who may have been hurt by Christians that Christ still loves them. Here’s their FB link:


  8. Hi Liz, I used to read your blog every day but after your life changes and moving, sort of stopped checking in. But I’m glad you’re getting back into it again. I’ve ‘liked’ you on FB and will check in with you there. Stay positive – spring is coming!!


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