Thank You, Mr. Alexander Fleming.


And in yet another “If I’d Lived In the Pre-Antibiotic-Days I’d Be Dead By Now” chapter, I’ve been seriously grossing and coughing my way through spring.

It started as a cold, then it moved into a tuberculosis sounding cough (I’m not joking, they tested me), then it became hard to breath (they x-rayed me), then they didn’t know what the heck was wrong so they dosed me up with super antibiotics. I’m slowly crawling my way back toward the light, but can I just say thank you, Mr. Alexander Fleming.

The day I was the sickest I walked to the doctor, in the rain, with a cold wind at my back and thought, “This is not how I want to go out.” I know, I know. I get slightly melodramatic when I’m sick, but when you’ve been running a fever for over three weeks it does something to your brain. It vaults you into a state of high drama and Camille-like death-faux-scenes where all you want to do is use all the toilet paper to blow your nose and make a list of which sister gets what jewelry.

Not that I’ve ever done that.

But as I trudged along in my new red raincoat (I’ve never loved good rain gear so much), I walked down a street with beautiful tulips and street art, and in the distance the neighborhood church bells were ringing, and despite being a carrier of The Black Death, it was a really, really lovely morning. I took pictures, coughed, took more pictures, coughed, and then absconded from the pharmacy with a brand new prescription.

And now, I’m crab crawling my way back to health. I’m feeling less Joan-Crawford-angry-no-wire-hangers-death-march and moving more into the zone of Roseanne-in-her-robe-with-giant-cup-of-tea-and-online-celebrity-stalking (did anyone else know that Blake Lively’s sister played Teen Witch?).

Anywho. That’s my news. That’s the street art in my neighborhood. That’s all for now, folks.



  1. feathering6innest says:

    Those tulips are brilliant next to the wrought iron fence. I hope you recover quickly. I’m reading your book and loving and laughing through every page. I wish I had known Angela. She was a sweetheart for commenting on my blog a few times. I shared the roses story with my daughter just now. Thank you for writing your true story and the fun and interesting retellings of the classics. I am really enjoying your writing. Kathi


  2. Cheryl says:

    The pics are beautiful…you being so sick…not so beautiful. I also had that crap…twice in fact…took me about a month to bounce back. The coughing was the worst…I sounded like I was smoking two packs a day…blech! Feel better soon…the good weather is coming…I am an Upstate New Yorker…and this I know to be true! 🙂


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