Halloween Eve











We are ready. Jane decided to be Wonder Woman again (she wore the costume to a birthday party earlier this month). She’s pretty into being a super hero. She runs around with her little fists stuck out in the air, like she’s trying to decide whether to take flight or punch someone in the face (pretty much the two major decisions we all face in life).

Today is her class party. Tomorrow is trick or treating. I’ve been pinteresting myself to death trying to find ideas for my own costume, and after a last minute run to Target (where I chased a worker down the aisle after he cleared out the makeup section with his cart), the odds of fabulousness are not in my favor. I just didn’t get into the planning of it all this year. Next year, right? I say that every  year, and every year at the last minute I throw up my hands, paint my nose black and go as a cat. Considering my love for Halloween this entire situation makes no sense.

So that’s us. Prepping for Jane’s party this afternoon. Drawing Hocus Pocus witches. Eating candy corn.

See you on the flip side.




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