Bittersweet Last Hurrah



Here’s the thing about boxing up every single one of your belongings, watching movers load them up in a truck, handing over your apartment keys, and selling your car: it leaves you in a bit of a vagrant position. So my parents graciously gave Jane and me a place to stay until we leave for New York.

Leaving my little apartment, looking out my bedroom window over the magenta crepe myrtles and bright blue pool for the last time, was bittersweet. Selling my little white civic to a car dealer at the last minute before leaving Little Rock was also bittersweet, and also felt slightly like abandoning an old friend. There have been so many bittersweet lasts. Last day at work, last dinner with friends, last walk in the gym, last trip to the mall (don’t laugh, I really loved my mall).

And then after all those Little Rock goodbyes, Jane and I ensconced ourselves in my childhood bedroom, with our suitcases spilling out everywhere. We’ve slept in, stayed up late, gone on a cave tour, watched the Ozark moon rise, and eaten a truck load of ice cream. My sister and brother-in-law are staying here as well (in for the summer from China), so my parent’s house is bursting at the seams a bit. We’ve thoroughly worn them out (and eaten them out of house and home).

But I think they like it.

I can’t remember the last time my sister and I jostled for position in the bathroom while fixing our hair and accidentally hair spraying each other in the face. I smile every time I take a shower and my shampoo bottle avalanches her toiletries into the bottom of the tub because we’ve tried to cram a super human amount of beauty supply products onto the tiny little tub ledge, just like high school. We’ve gone for long walks at dusk and talked for hours. It’s good. Really good.

But through all this wonderfulness (and it has been wonderful), I’ve been missing my husband so much it makes my chest ache. And I’m ready. I’m ready to be up there, with him, finally.

It’s been a bizarre, beautiful limbo-land couple of weeks.  I’ve looked out at the dark green Ozark mountains, breathed in the heavy humid summer air and thought, “This time next week we’ll be with Fayez in New York.” It’s hard to wrap my mind around it as I start re-packing my bags and readying us for our flights. Our time here in this wonderful place, in this wonderful state, has wound down. I’ll always love it here, and my people, no matter where I live, or how long I’m gone.

So thank you, Arkansas, for this last hurrah.

It’s been bittersweet. I’ll love you always.

And I promise to never, ever, stop saying ya’ll.


20 thoughts on “Bittersweet Last Hurrah

  1. I am excited for you and just a teensy bit sad! I remember leaving the Ozarks for the very last time (with the exception of short visits), one of the hardest things I’ve ever done; but I was 14, hormonal and weird. HA!

    I am so glad you’re on your way to be with your love and start a brand new life together! I hope you will continue to blog so we can watch you fall in love with New York.

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  2. That was beautiful! I hope you have a great trip. I know you are exited about staying your new life. When we are 19 years old starting out on a new adventure, it’s a bit different than when we are a little older and branching out. We tend to be a little more seasoned and know more of life’s obstacles, but when we know there is someone on the other end that loves us and that we love, the adventure becomes more than an adventure. It’s life and you now know that YOU are the one that makes it all happen. So, get out there and make your beautiful adventure with your new family. Love you and wish only the best for your family!

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  3. i love this post! i wish you, jane and fayez all of the happiness in the world. here’s to a wonderful new journey that’s about to begin in new york…

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  4. Hi Liz! Oh, honey, congratulations! I wish you and your new life the very best God can give! I’m excited for your new adventure and got a lump in my throat as I have just read your words. Take it all in and take care of yourself too! I’m so happy that little sweet Jane and you how found “The One”. He’s a handsome guy and so nice to know he has a beautiful heart toward you! Blessings, sweet little friend.
    Shelia 😉

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  5. Liz I am so happy for the happiness that you have found. I will miss your posts from Arkansas but I am looking forward to hearing about yours ans Jane’s New York adventures.

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  6. What a beautiful story of you and your Prince Charming Fayez. Please tell us sometime how you both met. What happy times for you three! All the best!


  7. Beautiful. So much happiness & exciting changes & adventures to look forward to, yet so many good memories behind you. Hold them close to your heart as you move forward. xoxo


  8. Sounds like one sweet (bittersweet) way to wrap up this part of your story. I’m excited to see what comes next for you!


  9. Liz, I wish you all the best in your new life …. it’s going to be the best part of your life ever, a new golden era for you. Good luck to all of you! xx


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