Fancy Dress


Jane: We’re getting married to Fayez.

Me: No baby, I’m getting married to Fayez.




Me: Fine. You too.

Jane: Yes. And I will wear a fancy dress.

Me: Sure.

Jane: And then I’ll live in New York with the big buildings.

Me: Yep.

Jane: I need some water now. With ice.

Me: Can I get you anything else your highness?

Jane: No. I’m good.

80 thoughts on “Fancy Dress

  1. Yeah for fancy dresses! So, so, happy to see all the happiness you have after following your journey – no one deserves the happy more than you and your new little family. Good luck on your new adventures – hope we get to tag along and see the new family and city through Jane’s eyes – she is so fun!


  2. When a friend of mine remarried, her young daughter got a “wedding ring”, too! I guess the groom did marry both of them!


  3. How exciting!!!! I was a single mom for eleven years (the father was never involved) and met the man of my dreams. His wife died of bone cancer leaving him to raise his sweet daughter, on his own, for five years. He had a daughter, I had a daughter, and we had a son together. He adopted my daughter and we have blended this family 12 years in July. Our oldest is married to a wonderful man and our middle daughter gave us a red headed grandson! Our son is so active and quirky!

    Words of wisdom…..Compromise….Communicate….Trust!!

    Excited for your new adventure, and a tad jealous about moving to New York. God bless!


  4. After seeing a picture on your IG feed I realized I had missed some big news so I popped over to catch up on you blog.

    Don’t think I’ve ever felt so thrilled for someone I didn’t know. Really happy for all that is ahead for the three of you!

    Best Wishes!


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