Just a Few Things


Spring is busy. Life is busy. Those trees out there, with their beautiful white buds and spring green pollen coating the world, are making my sinuses busy. And by busy, I mean annihilated.  But I’m not too fussed. It’s all so beautiful. It’s all so full of change. After a long winter where everything was gray, and bleak, and frigid, when it felt like nothing would ever change, it’s amazing how quickly everything switches over into beautiful high gear.

Wait. I was talking about the weather, right? *wink*

I got another opportunity to freelance write for Only in Arkansas. Check out my post about a forgotten Hollywood Legend and his birthplace.


Also, if you’re on the look out for some good entertainment, check out this year’s Listen to Your Mother show. I can promise at the very least you’ll be mildly entertained by the sweat bullets rolling down my forehead and the way they sparkle under stage lights. All the other fabulous ladies and gents will put on a fabulous show, and you don’t want to miss it!

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