Cue Halloween Decorations

This weekend was filled with all the best things. Rain. Family. Football. Ribs. Indoor use of bicycle helmets. I’m sad it’s over. I’m sad it’s Monday. I’m sad Breaking Bad ended. I’m sad I stepped on some of Jane’s  leggos this morning and permanently maimed my right foot.

But you know what I’m not sad about? The fact that tomorrow is October. My sister Rachel visited this weekend and we broke out the Halloween decorations a little early. Jane was totally into it, and claimed all the little pumpkins for herself. She decorated the windowsills with them. She hugged them. She carried on detailed conversations with them. She is totally my daughter.

I put rat silhouettes in the dining room walls, but we have to call them mice. Jane pets them, and kisses them, and says, “There’s no rat.” Mice are friendly (Cinderella). Rats are mean (Lady and the Tramp). It is as I feared. Our family’s axis has begun to spin according to Disney.

I don’t have much else to report. It’s just good around here. Pumpkin candle, bear hug, fall breeze, seasonal cupcake, slow pace, Jane giggles good. Really, really good.


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