Weekends and Aprons

It’s obvious that Jane’s love affair with her princess dolls is still ongoing. She’s very “my precious” about them, and heaven forbid I forget to include them in meal times, or bed times, or riding in the car. So that’s that.

On Saturday I had a three hour coffee date with the always lovely Jeanetta. She was my main partner in crime during Spiderpocolypse (I promise to give that topic its own proper post very soon). I have just adored her since the moment we met. Since then we’ve found out that we know lots of mutual people, and that our dads worked together for many years. I love that. I love it when you can just throw your hands up and say, “Yep. We were meant to be friends.”

Jeanetta also makes adorable things, among which are fabulous aprons. She made one for Jane and it has been the hit of the century. Most importantly, it has pockets, and Jane likes to walk around with her hands stuck in them. All. The. Time. Even when she’s trying to go to the bathroom. That’s been fun.

This weekend I got my new desk settled. It’s an old drop leaf table. It’s banged up, with scratches and scars and it desperately needs a coat of wax. But I love it so. I’ve never been a big fan of traditional desks. I never have enough space and the drawers get filled with clutter and junk. But I do so love a table.

I also love that it’s at the far end of the living room. I love having a writing space, but somehow, lately, I don’t want a room of my own. It feels like too much pressure, too much focus. Somehow putting my writing area right in the thick of things is working, and it takes some of the pressure off. It’s no longer the most important thing, with its own room and decor. It’s just another part of my life, stuck in the middle with everything else. This may not make sense to anyone else, but it’s been a revelation to me.

The rest of the weekend was filled with naps and fall weather and sliding at the park and the sounds of football in the living room. The leaves were falling from our oak tree, not a lot, just a little, and I could hear the creek behind the house. The house was dirty, I had five loads of laundry backed up, and the bathrooms hadn’t been cleaned in two weeks. But I just propped my feet up instead.

In fact, it’s Monday and all that stuff is still waiting. Cleaning will keep.

Fall weekends won’t.

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