That’s really the best word I can think of to describe this past week. Bluster. Wind. Rain. Cold. Fog. Gloom. And I’ve loved every minute of it. No really. I love spring, and this is part of it.

The yard is coming back to life. It’s muddy and messy. Bright green things are sprouting everywhere, pushing their way through the dirt and slugs and into the foggy cold air. I imagine people who live in England, or Oregon, might find this weather a little less magical than we here in the south. That’s probably because we know that in August, when we’ve been sweating in our bras through triple digit weather all summer, we’ll be shedding tears of longing for this beautiful, moody weather. But that’s the beauty I find here. We get a little bit of all of it. Frigid winter temps. Beautiful, crisp fall days. Magical, blustery spring weather. Hot, pool centered summers where little kids run around with Popsicles melting down their arms.

I love it all. But I especially love this, right now.

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