Spring Break

Those tiny purple flowers, that look like miniature hydrangeas (and smell awesome too), what are they? They’re popping up in the yard. But just as soon as they make their beautiful introduction into the fresh air and sunlight, Jane ferrets them out and goes all Hannibal Lecter, picking them apart tiny bud by tiny bud, mashing them against her nostrils and sighing, “MMMMMM.”

I was inspired to find a romantic mirror after getting my hair cut here and sitting in front of  a real life “mirror mirror on the wall.” This one is much different, and smaller, but I love it so. I hung it in the chalkboard entry hall. You know, that I painted with chalkboard paint with the sole intention of drawing my own wallpaper and then subsequently had the equivalent of a home decorating writer’s block and didn’t draw my own wallpaper, but instead twisted my hands and said, “But I don’t know now…” I think I’m settling for something easy and simple, like some olive branches or stars.

Also, does anyone know what’s blooming in this last picture? These guys are popping up everywhere, but so far now flowers. I so appreciate all the work the previous owner did in the yard. Now if I can just not kill everything I touch…


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