Decorating. Some. So Far.

I’m slowly but surely unpacking and decorating. Emphasis on slowly.

I found these goodies in a box last week. Several family members travel a lot and bring me little trinkets from all over the world. My aunt brought me this painted egg  from the Ukraine.My brother-in-law brought me a piece of the Great Wall. Rachel found a shell in Venice. This is a very happy bowl.

These are Jane’s favorite shoes in the whole wide world. Tiny Dorothy. They’re her contribution to decorating.

So, here’s the living room. I did not clean up toys, or stage, or, well, anything, for this picture. We have four gallons of white paint just waiting to cover up those beige walls. I’ll be so happy when it’s done.

I also took the plunge and hung a gallery wall. It happened in about fifteen minutes, on the fly. Things could have been much worse, but I’m sure I’ll tweak it later. The window panels are flat sheets.They are my new favorite window treatment. Ahh…white walls, white curtains. Just in time for spring. Maybe. You know. If we can stop watching Chopped on our DVR and get off our duffs to actually paint.

I never in my life thought I would willingly own a large, brown, leather sectional. But guys, let me tell you, I get it now. When Jane face plants with cheese dip all over her mouth, or Mabel comes inside smelling like she wallowed on a dead skunk and jumps in the middle of it… it’s awfully nice not to freak out and run around with a bottle of stain remover and Febreeze. I have pillow plans though. It needs some perking.

We needed a coffee table and settled on an old trunk. I love that it’s an actual old trunk, with real steamer stickers and everything, and not a new fake one.

The thing about decorating is not to get in a hurry. I tell other people this all the time. I tell it to myself. But it’s so hard to actually put into practice. But truthfully, when a room happens over time, it always looks better. Unless you have loads of cashola and can hire an awesome decorator. In that case, feel free to send them over to my house. Until then, I’m taking my time.

So that’s the living room so far. I think the thing that matters most to me, and to everyone, is that a room is happy. And you don’t need expensive curtains, or pricey rugs, or brand new furniture to make that happen. It’s all about the things that light up your face. Bowls full of travel trinkets. An old trunk.

A plastic pig. And the doll without hair behind the couch. Or the pink Barbie car with the door ripped off. Those say, “Hey, Jane lives here.” And that’s the best part of this house’s decor. A little, giggling, happy kid lives here.

Thank you Lord.

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