Here Comes the Sun

We’ve had above average temps in the last few weeks. For those of you in the freezing north, that probably sounds like heaven. But for those of us native Arkansawers (kidding, Arkansans), it means only one thing: fear of tornadoes.

Tomorrow we’re supposed to have big storms. But today, I’m trying to just enjoy not wearing a coat. And our yard! I cannot wait until spring. There are seven hydrangea bushes I’ve found so far. Three rose bushes. Countless forsythia, AND a climbing hydrangea. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed I don’t kill them all.

I’m taking decorating a little more slowly than usual. That’s due to two reasons. 1. Money (of course) and 2. I want this house to look less put together and more accumulated. Does that make sense? Whenever I make knee jerk buying sprees at Target, I’m sorry I didn’t take my time and buy things at an antique mall instead. We did find an eight foot long credenza that’s home to our tv. It’s hand made, imported, and believe it or not… not painted. It’s teak and has a beautiful scalloped front. Ah. I love it so.

Several of you have emailed to ask how Mabel likes the new house. She loves the yard more than I do. She was an unhappy pup in the apartment, after living in a house for all of her life. Change does not come easily to a nine year old schnauzer. But she’s back in the groove, barking at squirrels. Peeing on flowers. It’s all good.

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