A Break From Our Regularly Scheduled Program

Our house is a wreck and I’ve forgotten to water my plants for over two weeks.

I also forgot to water Mabel all day Saturday.

Her little water bowl was dry as a bone and she was super, uber, duper ticked off at me.

So in fear that anything else in the house goes without basic sustenance,

I’m taking a pause from everything else that occupies my mind.

Which means a blogging hiatus.

Between packing boxes, Jane and I took a little time to sit on the front porch and discuss all this glorious fall rain.

In the south it’s not fall until the rains move in.

Jane has started talking.

All. The. Time.

On Saturday it consisted of the words purple, oh boy, and maaaa (her version of mommy this week).

So it sounds something like this:


Last night we went out to eat.

It was foggy and rainy and I wore a long sleeve shirt.

We’re getting ready to move into an temporary apartment.

I’m sad to leave this house and our neighborhood.

But not sad enough to stay. I’m ready to move on.

And on a more random note, I wore my butterfly wing necklace to work last Friday, and a monarch butterfly perched on the outside of my office window for over an hour.

I kept whispering, “I’m sorry, OK?! The website said it died of natural causes!”

But the monarch wasn’t convinced and just fluttered its wings at me, deeply disdainful of my wing necklace. I can’t say I blame him.

So this is our life right now.

Hopefully it gets less crazy soon.

But somehow I don’t think that will happen.


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