This House Business

So our house was for sale this year. It didn’t sell, so we took it off the market. Why was it for sale? Well, our dream house was on the market, and we really wanted to buy it. We called it “Hobbit House” because it was old with stone archways and creeping vines and big windows.


But we were fine with it in the end. Hobbit House was old and needed a vast amount of work, so we dodged that bullet, and we do love Mabel’s House so much.

But now our realtor (also a friend) has a couple of parties that might be interested in our house, even though it’s been off the market for a while. We’re pretty conflicted. And it may be that nothing comes of it. But what if it does? Hobbit House is off the market. Where would we go? Would we even want to?

So there you have it, confession time, a part of my life I had not previously shared.

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