Summer hasn’t been Jane’s favorite season. She doesn’t care for the sun shining in her eyes when she rides in the car. She doesn’t like the hot seat belt in her carseat. But this weekend, that all changed when she donned a bright pink tutu bathing suit and took a dip in a tiny pool.

 She’s a changed baby. I’m pretty sure if she could say it, she would be repeating “Pool? Pool? Pool?” all day long. She splashed and screamed and enjoyed watching her pink tutu swirl around her adorable pudgy little legs. Don’t you wish it was the same for adults? But nooooo.


 I’m beyond on love with these little curls.

 After Jane’s swim we had dinner. It’s not often that we sit down to an actual meal these days. They’re mostly on the run, or just Jane and me, and mostly while Jane yells “NOM NOM NOM” which is Jane-speak for “I SHOULD HAVE HAD DINNER 30 MINUTES AGO.”

But this meal was happy and peaceful.

And don’t forget those super fancy electric candles we put on the table. I’m pretty sure these are a fad, one that we’ll all look back on and snicker at for being so silly. But right now, when it’s 100 degrees and I have a baby pulling everything in reach onto the floor, they seem pretty wonderful.

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