A Little Light Reading With Breakfast

Remember when I explained that the house-change-bug had bitten me? The downside is a winning lottery ticket hasn’t found its way into my pocket. But never mind that. I’ll find a way.

I’ve been working on a book page wall in the dining area. That wall has been screaming for something, and the new curtains just didn’t jive with the aqua paint. I used delapidated copies of King Arthur and Robinson Crusoe. Believe it or not, this wall only took a few nights to complete. I watched tv while I did it, which I find is essential to my happiness. If I’d had total silence, no tv, and just me and that wall… I might still be drooling into a cup.

But this was essentially a free project. No lottery tickets needed. And it’s not permanent.

My ultimate dream for this wall is this wallpaper. But at a billion dollars a roll, that’s never happening. So I’m trying this on for size. I just stuck the pages up with painters tape. If I like it, I’ll make it permanent. If not, I’ll move on to something else.


 I got an email question about these guys. They’re wooden boxes with tiny doors with glass hinged onto the front. I just love them. I put a couple of battery candles in them and it’s like instant sconces without the electrical bill.


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