Anthropologie Tablecloths Into Curtains. Like Sands Through The Hourglass…

Since the acquisition of a new couch and my beloved Weasley China Cabinet, our living room has (is) gone through a lot of changes. It’s a little bit like a Days of Our Lives, living room edition.

“Hey, look! I moved this buffet.”

“Never mind, I moved it back. But I changed the art wall.”

“Should I spray paint this?”

You get the idea.

A lot of people decorate a room and leave it that way. Those people are usually stable, settled souls unlike myself. Every five years or so I get a major itch to change things. Last weekend my errands took me conveniently close to Anthropologie where they were having a huge clearance sale. And I found a bundle of tablecloths (72 x 90) marked down to seriously low prices. Clutch your pearls prices.

They were the perfect length and better yet, already hemmed and ready to hang on the ring hooks I already had. I never considered the color navy as a neutral before. It always seemed too heavy for me. But I love these curtains. They’re so cheerful and mesh well with the existing colors. It’s nice to have a neutral option other than brown or black.

So those are some of the changes happening around here. Did I tell you my doctor cut my migraine medication in half? I have so much more energy now… and no vertigo so far. With all this new-found energy comes more house changes.

More changes are coming. Stay tuned.

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