Pinterest, I Win.

Does anyone else feel simultaneously exhilarated and defeated when they get in Pinterest mode? I’m exhilarated with all the creativity and overload of inspiration. I’m defeated because I think to myself, “Hardy har har har. You can’t find time to paint your fingernails. How are you going to find the time to create a homemade chandelier out of tutus and plumbers pipes?” Not that anyone would ever really want a chandelier out of pipes and tutus, but you get the gist.

Out of all the pins, all the awesome ideas, I finally found the time to do this one. It was nice. It was simple. It made me feel like standing on top of a mountain, shaking my fist and announcing to the world, “I completed a Pinterest project! I win!”

*Tip: When I do this again I’ll use more than one lemon. All I could smell was rosemary, which is fine, but it fell a little short of the promised “Williams Sonoma” store smell. But still. I win.

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