I Can Hang Wall Art Or Walk On A Bed Of Nails? Hmmm…

I’ve really been enjoying the living room redo so, so, so much.

And you know how I feel about the Weasley China Cabinet.

Truly, it’s such a different room than before. But there’s a problem. I’ll give you a hint…

Yep. It’s those bare walls. Before I started nailing things willy nilly, I realized that the last thing I wanted to do was clutter up the room. I’ve finally learned that less is more most of the time. But this is a little bit too much “less.”


I’m in love with Kate Spade’s apartment. The mismatched artwork and just one light sconce to the side is so quirky and fun. But the feel here is a little more cluttered than I want.

I could play it safe and just hang two small things on each side like this.

Or forget the whole thing and buy myself some coral roses and put them in the dining room. Sigh.


I love the feel of this room, but it’s not symmetrical. And I’m kind of a nut about things being in the ballpark of symmetrical. I once asked a doctor if he could add a mole on the other side of my face so both sides would match. Just kidding.

But in the dark of night, I did consider it.

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