10 Things a Woman Over 30 Must Own. JUST KIDDING I HATE THOSE POSTS. I Have an Etsy Shop.


Ya’ll. Summer happened. 90% good, 10% chaos. There was traveling, swimming, article writing, house-painting. AND after spending a bulk of the summer in thrift stores and antique malls, I finally opened an Etsy shop.¬†

In my dream world I have a little antique store filled with funky old paintings, quilts, pottery, furniture that belongs on the set of Harry Potter, a candle burning on the front counter, and a black shop cat named Persis. Also, said imaginary store has exact purple doors like the ones in this photo.

BUT. Ya’ll. Retail rent is not for the faint of heart. A virtual brick and mortar store will do just fine. I dubbed it “The House of Mabel” as a little way to honor an old and loved chapter in my life.

I have more stock and will be adding soon. Please visit!

And also, happy fall. I painted my fireplace. I bought some wallpaper. I’ll be back.

John Derian and Grandma Weasley and My Indoor Garden : Gallery Wall With Vintage Flea-Market Style Paintings

Fayez and I had a couple of “just us” days this past week, and on a beautiful 80 degree Saturday we went into New York. It had been a while since I ventured in, and it was just as I remembered. All the crowds, smells, and sights were still there. Although now, after living in the burbs of New Jersey for almost a year, I have a hard time fathoming how we survived that level of daily noise and chaos. I feel very sentimental about our Queens neighborhood at times, but on the whole I’m very happy to have left that daily craziness behind.

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The Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Sinus Infection


My cheerful kid who never gets sick got super sick last week.

And while most people get cranky when sick, she tries to stay cheerful, but also gets kind of slap happy. From fever? From boredom? From pain? I don’t know. But what I do know is that when we entered the doctor’s office and I said “don’t touch anything” my normally mature six year old heard my instructions through her feverish ears and decided that since I didn’t say “don’t lick anything” she was good to go on sampling the taste of her waiting room chair.

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