Queens Halloween

Ah, Halloween. This year it was so good. Jane trick or treated in a neighborhood that was practically on spooky steroids. Streets lined with skeletons and smoke machines and hoards of ghouls and goblins and super heroes. The trees were turning and the wind was blowing and it was just cold enough. Afterwards there was pizza. Really crazy good pizza. I have zero complaints except that my child chooses Dum Dum suckers and Tootsie Rolls over Reece’s Cups when given the choice. She’s got some learning to do in the candy choosing department, but luckily there’s a whole year to Yoda this subject.

And now I have to take my decorations down. November 1st is always depressing.  But I’m finding November 3rd with the decorations still up? That’s more like “uh, remember that trailer park where everyone still had colored Christmas lights on timers in May…welcome to that club.” Such a shame wall-bats can’t be “in” for Thanksgiving.

So tonight we’re having roast and oven roasted new potatoes and brussel sprouts. It’s so much darker so much earlier, but now when I’m cooking in the kitchen and turn to face the living room, the city lights twinkle at me. It’s one of those moments where I think, “Holy crap. I live in New York.” It’s nice to have those every now and then. Living in this city can be hard, so when the magic crops back up you forget the crowded subways and the long treks for groceries. Because a fall breeze and Manhattan twinkling and a roast cooking? That’s my brand of magic, even if Halloween is over.

8 thoughts on “Queens Halloween

  1. Oh, I can’t take it. Your post makes even the most southernest low country girl crave a northern Halloween. I love that you’re lovin’ life. P.S. I LOVE Jane’s costume.


  2. Oh I so feel you on turning around and seeing the lights of Manhattan twinkling. Not because that happens out my window but because there are times it happens when I am coming out of a subway late at night, or I’m at my 5th networking event of the day and I had to schlep through Times Square to get there but then I see the ESB out the window of whatever the meeting spot is, and yeah…….she’s a pain in the ass sometimes. But she’s our pain in the ass. And the magic moments are MAGIC.


  3. I feel like you shouldn’t be trekking a long way for groceries. I have a friend who lives in NYC and she’s always raving (gloating) about how she orders everything from an app and it’s delivered to her door in a few hours. I’ll try and hook you up. 😉


  4. Sad I missed this! I was so tired when I arrived home from that trip I wanted to die. And had a massive cold to boot. Looks like it was wonderful and I am SO happy it was, since it was your first Halloween as a NYer ❤


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