We Really Live Here Now.















Well, duh. I mean, we’ve lived here since this summer. But somehow in the past few weeks, with the weather changes, and finally getting ALL the boxes put away and unpacked, and of course the Halloween decorations… it feels like home.  The rumble of the trains, the traffic noises, the wind whipping between the tall buildings, it’s not as foreign. The taxis, the quick bustle, the different accents, they all seem familiar.

Merging two adult households into one apartment has been a challenge. The “what do we keeps” and the “but I cannot get rid of that’s” are mostly done. For the most part, we’re settled. Except our three tea kettles that for some inexplicable reason became a Sophie’s Choice decision we couldn’t make. What can I say? We love tea. Apparently.

Our lives have combined and at night we cook dinner and watch tv, going about our normal lives together as a family. But I will admit, watching tv while the lights of Manhattan twinkle through the window is pretty darn fantastic.

12 thoughts on “We Really Live Here Now.

  1. So so happy for all three of you and your family together! And selfishly happy that you are posting often and letting us share in your experiences.


  2. My husband and I each had items of our own when we married, but over the years as things have worn out or we have tired of them, they have been replaced with items that are ‘ours’ and that’s as it should be…. I’d love a few twinkling lights outside our windows too!


  3. I have enjoyed following you for years and who would have ever imagined you would land in NYC? I am a bit jealous ~ I wish I lived close to Manhattan! So happy life has handed you an exciting chapter – enjoy!


  4. I like your tea kettles sitting over the stove. Looks good! I would love to see the lights of Manhattan twinkling through your window.


  5. Seeing your lovely floral (poppy?) sconces and plethora of tea kettles makes me smile in happiness. Plus the look of utter love and devotion on Fayez’ face when he looks at Jane…

    Yep. Happiness. You have it and you deserve it!


  6. I’m loving your blog lately! It’s good to see you writing. Now I need to visit NYC again and find you for tea or something. Tea at the Plaza? LOL


  7. Geezzz…..on top of being very handsome Fayez also cooks? Some girls have all the luck! Your book should be about your new life in New York.


  8. I love Eric Conover on youtube (check him out) he makes New York look like a jewel box of untapped potential. Not something to be feared!! You should Vlog!!


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