Our Wedding


We got married in Little Rock. It was small. It was happy. There were no big churches, no big crowds, no over the top bridesmaid dresses. We held it in a beautiful old house, and ate our favorite foods. My good friend, Jerusalem, performed the ceremony. I wore a dress with pockets. He wore a bow tie.

Ya’ll, it was a really happy day.

It’s the day we became a family, all three of us.


(My talented sister took all the pictures, and you can find information here (ahem, Michigan folks).

(Several people have asked about Fayez’s mismatched cuff links. They are both sentimental to him, one made by his talented cousin who makes jewelry here).








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32 thoughts on “Our Wedding

  1. I love the Foster Robinson House!! It is one of my faves in Little Rock and my husband recently used it for a film project. Just insanely gorgeous!

    Congrats on the new life!


  2. Gorgeous! All the happiness and love just shine through, this is what a wedding should be!
    wishing you many, many, years of this happiness!


  3. Such a beautiful wedding! Second chance happiness is the sweetest kind and I’m so happy for you. Your writing makes complete strangers feel close to you and involved in your life. That may sound a little creepy (not my intention) but it means you’re an accomplished blogger. I’m a beginning blogger and have to say it isn’t easy getting started, trying to find a single focus, reading blogging advice, and being consistent. I know you’ve been blogging for years, and your voice is well developed. Just ant you to know I admire your style and writing! Best wishes!


  4. Okay, so I’m late here, but CONGRATULATIONS!! These photos are stunning. You are beautiful and look so happy and just like yourself, so in love, so real. I’m so happy for you.


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